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Boza thanks his parents and late grandmothers for instilling his love for music. His greatest inspirations? Michael Jackson, Drake, reggae and countless renowned Panamanian artists including Kafu Banton.

At 16, he began to explore his passion, making a name for himself in his native Panama as a future rap star. He was built from the ground up with his longtime producer Faster (real name: Irving Manuel Quintero Valdez).

He recalls that the first time he went viral was in 2018 with his dance-infused reggaeton track “Lollipop”. “The whole country wanted to hear this song,” he said Billboard.

But before he became a local sensation, Boza’s past decisions landed him in prison at the age of 17 for possession of weapons. He was locked up for almost a year, expressing that with great faith and patience he had time to think about his future.

” Time stopped. I wrote about 600 songs, ”he says. “When I went out [of prison], several of my songs started playing. I continued to work hard and always had a clear goal. When I decided to completely change my feed, that’s when I went viral.

He defines his sound as “particular”, with that of Panama plena as the basis of each rhythm and its emotions as the web of each word.

“I depend a lot on my mood and my vibrations,” he says. “In my catalog, there is a moment for everything. I express what I feel and this is where I click with my fans.

In 2019, the newcomer signed with Sony Music Central America, after meeting his manager and award-winning producer, composer and arranger Alberto Gaitan. “It was the best opportunity I have ever had,” he says. “It was the key moment in my career to show what I was capable of.”

Her groundbreaking success came in the midst of the global pandemic with “Hecha Pa ‘Mi,” a contagious and daring dancehall track that went viral on TikTok and entered billboards Hot Latin, World and World Songs Excl. The American charts in 2020.

The song marked a before and after in Boza’s career.

“This is the result of all the work we have done. All the faith I’ve had, ”he says of the trail. “Since then, my career, my expectations and my goals have grown. “

His biggest flex? To be a Panamanian artist.

“We evolve and we stand out. Sech did his job to make a name for himself [for Panama] in industry. My role is to ensure that it remains firm, ”he says. “Taking my flag with me wherever I go is like taking the whole country, and that makes me proud. “

Learn more about this week’s Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise below:

Last name and first name: Humberto Ceballos Boza

Age: 23

Recommended song: “In La Luna”

Major achievement: “The whole world vibrates with my music, not just in Panama. A lot of people don’t even understand my language and they tune in to my music. It was my biggest goal. I learn everyday, make connections, create new music and feel good because that’s the goal. I know there is a long way to go, but the most important thing is that I keep my feet on the ground.

In addition to entering the Billboard For the first time ever, Boza won the New Artist of the Year award at the Premios Heat 2021.

And after: “I will soon be releasing a package of five songs that will culminate with my second studio album Bucled. It will be 11 songs in total. I also have various collaborations that will be released outside of the album. My team and I are also working hard to put on shows and go out on the road. “