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Latino Artist on the Rise: Blessd – Billboard

For Blessd (real name: Stiven Mesa Londoño), a musical career seemed unattainable.

A day in his life usually started at 2 a.m. selling fruit in a market in his hometown of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia, then going to school from 7 p.m. to 1 p.m. From there he would go to a recording studio, where he would create his songs.

“I would earn eight to ten dollars a day at the market,” he said Billboard. “With that money I would record parts of a song. One day I had enough money to record an intro, the other day I would record a chorus, etc.

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He remembers September 6, 2019 as the day “he will never forget” because one of his songs called “Una” had finally gone viral in the country.

“I stopped going to school to focus on releasing this song,” he says. “In one year, I played in 500 schools and a lot of local concerts. It was then that I met my manager, Dr Velasquez, and he signed me to JM World Music.

Since then, Blessd and his team haven’t stopped working, who never stopped working during the pandemic epidemic of 2020. Part of the new Colombian wave of hip-hop and reggaetón artists, Blessd is a talented artist and composer who can gracefully transition from freestyle to sung to sing. He credits reggaeton veteran Arcangel and Venezuelan rapper Akapellah as his greatest inspiration.

“I want to bring a refreshing sound to everything that’s going on in music right now,” he says. “I want the world to see that, just like in Puerto Rico, there are a lot of great emerging talent in Colombia.”

One of the first famous artists to believe in him? Maluma.

The two artists first collaborated on Blessd’s “Imposible” remix, a song that originally went viral on social media and at local radio stations and clubs. The juicy reggaeton remix, which boasts 7.5 million on-demand song streams in the United States, according to MRC Data, sparked a friendship between the two – resulting in an upcoming collaboration with Blessd, Philip Ariaz and the duo Kapla & Miky called “La Nueva en el Mapa.

“He wants to hoist the flag,” Blessd says of Maluma. “There is no other artist like him who helps those of us who emerge so much. He’s doing a job that no one else has done. I respect him as an artist and triple as a person because of it.

Blessed, Maluma
(LR) Blessd, Maluma

With a lot of effort, hard work and conviction, Blessd has also landed collaborations with artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Piso 21, Yomo and his go-to producer Ovy on the Drums. “It’s a great story,” he says. “Because I just had nothing and didn’t know what to do, working with great artists. Music saved me.

Below, learn more about the Latin artist on the rise this month.

Name: Stiven Mesa Londoño alias Blessed. From his artist name, he says: “I am a Catholic and I believe a lot in God. Since I was little, I have left everything in his hands. I feel that my faith is what led my career.

Age: 21

Recommended song: “Hace Tiempo”

Major achievement: “To be able to help and support my family in my work. Additionally, Blessd was recently named to YouTube Music’s Foundry Class of 2021.

And after: “I was surprised to see in an interview that Myke Towers said he wanted to collaborate with me. It would be a dream come true! But for now, no more music. My first EP is coming out in September. “Will only have one collaboration with Lyanno because it is one of my favorite tracks. I will be doing concerts in many countries, including at Ozuna Fest in the Bahamas. Basically, ‘Blessd International’ is coming. A new stage of my career.