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Latino artist on the rise: meet Juhn


“Thanks to sport, I made a lot of connections in the music industry,” he says. “I played basketball with Brytiago and Miky Woodz and around that time the Latin trap was developing. I make music, but I became known in the trap movement.

In 2012, it went viral for the first time on Facebook with “Corazon Roto”. In 2016, he released his first banger, “Ahora Me Llama”, and he was also part of Maluma’s hit “Cuatro Babys” with Trap Capos, Noriel and Bryant Myers. “In 2016, I started to see my career blossom,” he notes.

Juhn is currently signed to Interscope Records with a management contract with Jonathan Gandarilla.

Today he is touring the “Bandido” assisted by Myke Towers, a melodious and contagious reggaeton about conquering, loving and protecting someone who has been heartbroken. Paying homage to old-fashioned reggaeton, they even sample “Amor de Colegio” by Hector & Tito.

“I also met Myke around 2014 on the basketball court. Our first collaboration was “No Pensarte” in 2018 and it became a success in Puerto Rico, ”he recalls. “In 2019, I wrote four songs, including ‘Bandido’. Of the four songs, Myke really liked this one.

“Bandido,” which premiered on December 10, 2020, jumped from 17 to 7 in the Hot Latin Songs chart on January 23, earning Juhn his first Top 10. The song was also placed on various Billboard charts such as Latin Airplay, Latin Streaming Songs, and Billboard Global 200.

“I have never appeared in a Billboard chart. I’m excited, ”he says. “It’s the biggest hit of my career, after ‘Cuatro Babys.'”

Below, learn more about the Latin artist on the rise this week.

Name: Jorge Jr. Hernandez Quiles

Age: 28

Recommended song: “I would say all because you will never tire of listening to them.”

Major achievement: “Have a five-year career and still be relevant. A lot of people who started their careers with me are no longer relevant today. I think that’s the hardest part, to keep making hits and creating a buzz.

And after: “There are a lot of plans that we have to execute but I want to release an album this year – my first album. I think my fans deserve it.


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