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Llane: a booming Latino artist


“I was scared at first, but I try to make the best decisions for myself. I always put myself first and try to take care of my heart. It’s something I had to do for myself, ”he said. Billboard. “It was a chapter in my life that I am very proud of and it gave me the foundation I needed to become one of the best soloists around.”

Despite releasing his first single “Mas De Ti” in October 2019, 2020 marked a special year in Llane’s career. Not only was he a featured artist on songs by Tainy, Sebastian Yatra, Andres Cepeda and Fonseca, but he also released singles such as “Amor Bailando”, “Pa ‘Ti”, “Como Antes” and his “Sera” assisted by Manuel Turizo. “

“I have to be very patient in my career because even though people know who I am from Piso 21, I know I’m new,” he says. “I count on the support of many people, but at the same time I have to go through the whole process. What I really want is for the audience to identify with me as a person.

Learn more about this week’s Latin artist on the climb below:

Name: Juan David Castaño Montoya, alias Llane

Age: 30

Major achievement: “Being nominated for the Latin Grammys, getting my music into the big charts, singing as a solo artist in Premios Juventud, performing at the Billboard Latin Music Week showcase, participating in the reality of Univision Tu Cara Me Suena, and traveling the world and having millions of people singing my songs.

Recommended song: “Will be” in collaboration with Manuel Turizo

And after: “I’ll wait until next year to keep releasing new music. ‘Sera’ is growing up right now and I don’t want to cut off its wings. I will launch 2021 with a collaboration with two very important artists that I admire and who, I know, will introduce me to a new audience. “


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