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Meet Boza: Rising Latino Artist


But before he became a local sensation, Boza’s past decisions landed him in prison at the age of 17 for possession of weapons. He was locked up for almost a year, expressing that with great faith and patience he had time to think about his future.

” Time stopped. I wrote about 600 songs, ”he says. “When I went out [of prison], several of my songs started playing. I continued to work hard and always had a clear goal. When I decided to completely change my feed, that’s when I went viral.

He defines his sound as “particular”, with that of Panama plena as the basis of each rhythm and its emotions as the web of each word.

“I depend a lot on my mood and my vibrations,” he says. “In my catalog, there is a moment for everything. I express what I feel and this is where I click with my fans.

In 2019, the newcomer signed with Sony Music Central America, after meeting his manager and award-winning producer, composer and arranger Alberto Gaitan. “It was the best opportunity I have ever had,” he says. “It was the key moment in my career to show what I was capable of.”

Her groundbreaking success came in the midst of the global pandemic with “Hecha Pa ‘Mi,” a contagious and daring dancehall track that went viral on TikTok and entered billboards Hot Latin, World and World Songs Excl. The American charts in 2020.