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A love for music, a special gift from their grandfather and a broken heart are what prompted Mexican brothers Rúben and Marco Leyva to start their own band amid the pandemic called Los Del Limit, which the leader of the Angel del Villar has promised to become “the next big stars to dominate the charts.”

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“It all started with a guitar our grandfather gave us,” says Marco, who plays six-string guitar. “We used to live in Mexico, but when we moved to the United States, we learned to play and hang out with other musicians.”

The Leyva brothers were only 15 and 16 when they formed the band, and recently added band member Aldo Navarrete on electric bass. Their romantic but sad tumbados are inspired by artists such as Carla Morrison, Justin Bieber, Los Tigres del Norte and Adriel Camacho – but it’s their personal experiences with love that bring their lyrics to life.

“Honestly, I don’t know how it all happened, but it must be love,” adds Rúben, singer-songwriter and sharkto musician. “A girl I really liked gave me an opportunity – but in the end she rejected me. I don’t know how, but I wrote a lot of songs for her.

Writing down their feelings became their best strategy with songs such as “Amor Fugaz” becoming a viral TikTok hit and “Siendo Sincero” earning the group their first entry and top 10 on Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart on the December 4, 2021 survey. The band, one of Billboard 2022 Latin Artists to Watch, eventually signed with DEL Records and released two albums in 2021, The life in your eyes and Different thoughts.

But the Texas-based band nearly didn’t see their success.

“I didn’t believe in my music. I didn’t think it was good and I wanted to quit,” explains Rúben. “My last hope was to reach out to my colleagues for feedback. The only person to answer me was [music engineer] New Music Limit, who said my music was good and would support us. Within eight months, he helped us work on our first album.

The name of the group is in homage to the engineer, the first who believed in them. Los Del Limit’s latest single, “Mi Despedida”, debuted and peaked at No. 27 on the Hot Latin Songs chart for February 12.

Names: Ruben Leyva, Marco Leyva, Aldo Navarrete

Age: 18 – 19

Recommended song: “Amor Fugas”

Key Achievements: “So far, honestly, I would say the recent gig we had in Denver. When we got on stage and a lot of people started screaming and singing our songs, we got goosebumps and got wanted to cry. Everyone had their phones on and everyone was singing our songs. This experience was so cool and it’s an inexplicable feeling.

And after: “A lot of good music is coming. Our third album will be very diverse and innovative. I hope we can go on tour. We have a lot of fans in Mexico, so we plan to visit them this year.