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PJ Sin Suela, the Puerto Rican doctor turned urban singer: a booming Latino artist | Billboard


“I learn a lot about different cultures,” he says. Billboard from his experience on tour and in countries like Spain and Mexico for the first time. “Each time, there are more and more fans who feel my music. I love to write about things that are happening in Puerto Rico, and a lot of people feel identified, ”he added, stating that his biggest dream as an artist is to travel the world with his music.

But music never stopped him from pursuing his medical career. In fact, after Hurricane Maria in 2017, PJ worked to help those in need and even recorded the viral track “Ave María” without electricity and microphones.

Currently, PJ is working on his first studio album and preparing for his very first solo tour, where he will visit fans in Latin America, Europe and the United States.

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Last name and first name: ? Pedro-Juan Vazquez Bragan aka PJ Sin Suela?

Age: 29

Major achievement: “To end my career as a doctor and start as a singer. Being able to touch people’s hearts with my music and bring positive social change to the world.

Recommended song: “Cual Es Tu Plan”, by Bad Bunny, PJ Sin Suela and Ñejo?

And after?: His new single “Mueve la chola” comes out on Friday. “It’s a song I wrote after a shooting in Puerto Rico, where I helped one of the victims get into the ambulance,” he says. “I wrote the song against violence and brought together 60 women to get the message across in the clip. “


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