Which credit card is best for traveling?

Do you often travel and are you considering thoroughly looking at the payment options? Walking around with cash is no longer of this time. It gives an unsafe feeling and if you are robbed you will be without money. Not advisable. A normal bank card is also possible, but if you do a cash withdrawal, it will always cost you money, certainly abroad. A credit card is another option and actually a good choice. Because there are a lot of benefits associated with a credit card! You will discover them in this article.

Advantages of a credit card

Advantages of a credit card

Of course, the most well-known advantage is that you can pay on credit. Buy something now and the money will not be taken from your account until a month later. You will receive a statement from the bank and you will see everything neatly stated on it. Of course, keep in mind that the money will only be withdrawn later. If you also make payments with your regular bank card, the current account position may be lower than expected. That way you have to keep an eye on everything. So that the current account has enough money to pay the credit card expenses.

Another advantage is that you can have cancellation insurance with a credit card. That is mainly focused on travel, so that can be an advantage. Everyone can be seen a few days before you travel. If you cannot cancel at the hotel or travel agency itself, you can still fall back on the credit card. That way you get the money back that you have already spent.

The best credit card of the moment

The best credit card of the moment

To request a credit card you can easily search via the internet. All banks have an extensive website nowadays. There is already a lot of information that you can read. It is also interesting to know how much the costs are for using the credit card. A standard credit card can even be free at some banks. The standard spending limit is also often 1250 euros. Enough to make a lot of purchases per month. If you want extra features such as annual insurance, a higher spending limit, you will have higher costs for the credit card.

You can take a look at your regular house bank to see if there is an interesting proposal there. But you might as well go to another bank. Because you are no longer tied to a bank when it comes to applying for a credit card. You can therefore leave your current account where it is and request a credit card from another bank. The card and your account will then be linked to each other to make the monthly payments.

Looking for the best credit card for long journeys? Then we recommend Beobank’s World Travel credit card. That way you can leave on a carefree journey at any time. With your purchase you will receive 5,000 flying miles as a gift and you will benefit from 7 exclusive insurance policies. Crazy, right?

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