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Emilia wrote her first song when she was only 10 years old, and she made it her mission to make money playing it for her friends and family.

“It was a silly song, as you can imagine,” recalls the 24-year-old artist from Argentina. “But whenever there was a dinner party or a meeting in our house, I would pull out my guitar and play it. Then I would pass around my little hat so people could pay.

Growing up in a small town in Argentina’s Entre Ríos province, Emilia never imagined she would someday perform outside of her home – let alone make a career out of music. “At the time, it was a hobby,” she said in a phone interview with Billboard. “But I loved it anyway. It filled me up.

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She credits her grandfather – who taught her to play guitar at a young age – and growing up in a household that listened to a wide range of musical genres (from tango to pop) for fueling her passion for music. . But even then she took a different path. After high school, she pursued a career in literature, although she soon realized that it was not for her, so she began to seriously think about getting into music. “I wanted a job in music, whatever it was. I just knew I wanted to be surrounded by them.

Her first big break came when a producer discovered her covers on Instagram. “He invited me to join this group called Rombai and that’s what I did, and it was my first job in the industry. Everything was new, was going on tour, people were asking for pictures in the street. It was a new world for me.

A world she would stay in, then branched out as a solo artist after a two-year stint with cumbia-pop group Rombai from 2016 to 2018. Soon after, she moved to Miami with the money. that she had saved her time with the band to record music that reached her current manager, Walter Kolm, and Sony Music Latin – with whom she signed management and recording agreements, respectively, in 2019.

“It was an incredible and magnificent moment in my career, because these two powers were betting on me and my project,” she says. “I mean, Walter is a famous manager and a great businessman, so for him wanting to be my manager and being the only woman on his list was really special.”

While she has yet to release her debut album, Emilia has released a handful of urban-leaning singles in collaboration with artists such as Panamanian reggaetonero Boza (“Perreito Salvaje”), Puerto Rican rapper Darell (“No Soy Yo “), R&B singer Alex Rose (” Bendición “) and Argentinian rapper Duki (” Como Si No Importara “). In August, the Duki-assisted track marked Emilia her first entry on the Billboard Global Excl. American map. She has already placed five songs on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100.

“I love the way we’ve embraced collaborations because they really are magical when it comes to getting you known in places you thought you could never reach. For example, when I collaborated with Boza, a lot of people didn’t know me in Panama, but they did after we sang together. And the same thing happened with him who got new recognition in Argentina.

For now, Emilia promises to release more singles in preparation for her debut album, which could be released before the end of the year, according to the artist. She will also be part of BillboardThe lineup for Latin Music Week, joining our traditional ‘On the Rise’ panel, which is being revamped this year with a new generation of emerging female talent representing different genres from all corners of the world. Presented by Amazon Music Latin, “Women on the Rise” will feature emerging artists such as Emilia, Elena Rose, Las Villa and Mariah Angeliq.

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Last name: Emilia Mernes Rueda

Age: 24

Recommended song: “Como Si No Importara” – Emilia & Duki

Major achievement: I must say my collaboration with Duki. It’s different from what I’ve done before, it’s a great story with lyrics that can make people relate to the story. This song brought me a lot of happiness. We went platinum with this song in Argentina, which for me was a dream come true. And it’s great to see so many people around the world adopting “Como Si No Importara”.

And after: My fans will soon be able to see me as an actor since I have a new project I’m working on for Disney +. Also, I plan to release some new music and hopefully my first album before the end of the year.