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Booming Latin artist: meet Grupo Firme

“We had to record music that way… throw a party, without planning, spontaneous, and it worked for us,” singer Eduin Caz said. Billboard. “’Juro Por Dios’, ‘Ni El Dinero, Ni Nada’ and ‘Pideme’ were our first songs to go viral. It was like magic. People sing our songs and recognize us on the streets, and it’s worth gold.

Since 2017, Grupo Firme has been under the management of Isael Gutierrez, who heads the Music VIP Entertainment label. Today, Grupo Firme is on the radar – as spontaneous as ever – but exports its music internationally.

On the Billboard charts, the group has six entries on Regional Mexican Airplay, five entries on Hot Latin Songs and six entries on Latin Airplay. The Lenin Ramirez assisted “Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo” reached the Top 10 on both Hot Latin Songs and Latin Airplay and peaked at No. 1 on the Mexican Regional Airplay Rankings dated June 6, 2020.

Currently, Grupo Firme is doing the rounds with their single “Enloqueceme”, which is a scholarly band-pop version of the classic OV7, performed by Caz’s brother and the band’s second singer, Johnny Caz. They’re also making waves with some innovative pop-urban collaborations born this year, including works with Reik, Carin Leon, C-Kan, and JD Pantoja to name a few.

“It all happened so fast, but we merge with other genres, and people accepted it,” Caz says. “Yes, we sing Regional Mexican, but our sound is very versatile. We make music not to compete, but to share. This is how I describe Grupo Firme.

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Names): Eduin Caz (singer), Abraham Hernandez (second singer), Johnny Caz (second singer), Joaquin Ruiz (bajo sexto), Christian Gutierrez (bass), Jose Rubio (drums), Dylan Camacho (accordion)

Age): 21 to 30

Major achievement: “We’ve had a lot, especially everything that has happened in our career this year,” Caz shares. “But I think that one of our biggest managed to make Rodeo Texcoco sold out. We are the only artists, in 22 years of history, to fill the room with more than 33,000 people. We also sold out. Filled with presale at Staples Center in just one month, and we had to open a second appointment. “

Recommended song: “All of them! But if I had to pick one, it would be ‘El Toxico’ because it represents us,” Caz said.

And after: “We are coming with everything in 2021. We have a studio album with all new songs. Espinoza Paz, Eden Muñoz (Caliber 50), Horacio Palencia and many more will be part of it,” reveals Caz. “If things calm down with the pandemic, we also have an attempted tour of the United States in March. With the help of our manager, we also plan to have a professional strategy for our next outings.”

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