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Brytiago: Latin Billboard Artist on the Rise | Billboard

“When I was 8, I took a picture with Daddy Yankee. Like any other fan who grew up listening to his music, I took a picture with him,” the Puerto Rican singer recounts. Billboard. “But I never imagined that years later I would be sung under his music label or that an artist like him would support me and help me in my career. This is one of the greatest blessings that I have. I have received in my life. “

Years after this first meeting, a good friend introduced him to the singer of “Shaky Shaky” who, after listening to Brytiago’s music in his studio, said to him: “I’ll take your number … you a call soon. . “

“To be honest, I thought he would never call. But he did, and after I showed him more of my songs, he opened the doors to his studio and I was finally signed under. Cartel Records “, explains Brytiago, who in the future wants to collaborate with artists like Marc Anthony, J Balvin, Shakira or Maluma.

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Name: Bryan santiago

Age: 24

Big cut: Be signed to Daddy Yankee’s label, El Cartel Records.

Major achievement: Her latest single “Bebé” surpassed one million views after just a month of being on YouTube.

Recommended song: “‘Bebé’ truly represents who I am as an artist and it has brought me back to my roots – in Puerto Rico I started as a trap artist. The song is young and fresh and can be enjoyed by anyone. doesn’t matter who. timeless. “Baby” defines who Brytiago is. “

And after: Brytiago is currently promoting new singles including “Bebé” “Hagámoslo” and “Punto G” while also working on his debut album in hopes of releasing the LP in 2017.

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