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Cami talks Grammy Nod & More: a booming Latino artist

Growing up in a musical household, Cami learned to play the flute at age 6 and listened to everything her parents played. “I listened to all types of music and it helped me a lot in terms of motivation and inspiration,” she says. “I listened to classical, salsa, tango, folk, pretty much everything.”

Believing her dynamic sound in her diverse upbringing, Cami is reluctant to lock herself into one genre. “I’m still discovering my sound. I’m in constant search because I hate to feel comfortable. I mean, I’m happy with what I’m doing, but I don’t want to think I’ve hit my peak. I still have so much more to give.

For now, Cami is focused on finishing her third album, which she promises to be “super feminist” and “powerful”.

Learn more about this week’s Latin artist on the rise below.

Name: Camila Anastasia Gallardo Montalva

Age: 24

Major achievement: “It’s not clear to me yet so I can’t answer. I feel like I’m still so young. Right now my biggest achievement is waking up every day. I could tell the Grammy nomination, the album, but sometimes we over-romanticize the accomplishments, and personally waking up with the desire to wake up is already an accomplishment. And being able to connect with myself, my spirituality and to write about things that once made me vulnerable but are now my strengths. “

Recommended song: “‘Monstruo’ because it reaches a place in your soul that few songs can reach. The feeling you get is almost almost cathartic, and sometimes we need to explode.”

And after: “To continue writing for my upcoming third album, which is almost ready. I’m working with producers like Sebastian Krys and Tainy and I’m very happy. It will be a powerful concept album. Monstruo was over heaven and hell, and this one will be over the cosmos and the universe. A super feminist universe with deep lyrics. It’s an album I wrote at home in my forties and entered a space within myself that I hadn’t yet entered because of fear. But now more than ever, it’s important that the music has a message and that I tell my story. “

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