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Former WWE 24/7 Champion Bad Bunny Wins Best Latin Artist at Billboard Music Awards

Bad Bunny is one of the most popular and celebrated artists in the music industry right now. The former WWE 24/7 Champion has now added three more to his Billboard Music Awards collection and was also announced as the best Latin artist at the event.

Bad Bunny also won the award for the Latin album (his album YHLQMDLG) and the Latin song (Dákiti). He also won his very first Grammy Award earlier this year, and his latest achievement brings his accolades to 82, making him one of the most successful Latin rap artists of all time.

Being only 27 years old, it is almost certain that Bad Bunny would be added to his collection of awards before he was done with the music business.

Maybe even a return to the square circle for another run with WWE could be on the books.

Bad Bunny had an amazing outing at WrestleMania 37

One of the highlights of WrestleMania 37 was the tag team match between Bad Bunny & Damian Priest and The Miz & John Morrison. For many fans, the Puerto Rican singer was the outstanding performer of the evening.

It was a bit of a surprise as many weren’t expecting much from Bad Bunny, given his lack of in-ring experience. However, he did not fail to impress and deliver an incredible performance on Night One of WrestleMania 37.

This has caused many fans to wonder when the former WWE 24/7 Champion will return.

Sadly, the WWE Universe will have to wait a while before they see Bad Bunny return to the Square Circle. The Grammy Award winner is about to return on tour and has a busy schedule ahead of him.

At Sportskeeda, we would like to congratulate Bad Bunny on adding a new award to their collection.

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