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Growing Latino Artist: Los Dos Carnales

It was then that El Fantasma introduced AfinArte into the music of Los Dos Carnales and subsequently the label signed the group.

“It was such a special time in our careers. When we heard thatfinArte wanted to sign us, I started browsing their social networks and realized we belonged there,” said Poncho. “We’re similar – because like us, they want to keep the traditional Mexican regional sounds alive. We won’t let AfinArte down. We’re working hard.”

Hard work paid off. Los Dos Carnales scored their first top 10 on the Regional Mexican Airplay table (dated July 11) with “El Envidioso”. Billboard diffusion. “It’s huge! We couldn’t believe it, honestly,” Poncho said. “We never imagined something like this could happen to us. People accept our very humble music.”

This is their basic norteño sound – made possible by an accordion, a four-string bass guitar, bajo sext (sixth bass) and drums – that’s what makes them distinctive in an area crowded with regional Mexican sounds. “We want people to know that norteña music is still relevant today. There are many different styles now and we respect them, but we want to make sure that we stand up for what we’re known for and that we stand up for it. always: the norteño. “

On July 10, Los Dos Carnales released their new album Al Estilo Rancheron, a set of 14 tracks that includes corridos, romantic tunes and covers. “It was made with a lot of love and we hope people like it,” says Imanol.

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Name: Quezada Jr and Imanol Quezada poncho

Age: Poncho (27) and Imanol (21)

Major achievement: “We are very proud of the few accomplishments that we have accomplished. It has been our dream since we were little. We are just starting to grow. We would say there are two important steps. Billboard graphics. It’s huge! We couldn’t believe it, honestly. We never imagined something like this could happen to us. People accept our very humble music. The second important step is the collaboration with El Fantasma. That’s pretty much what started it all and helped us get to where we are. “

Recommended song: “‘Vida Ventajosa’ is the song that opened a lot of doors for us. It’s a bullfight written by Imanol and it’s a beautiful song about our humble beginnings. We really started from scratch. But after listening to ‘Vida Ventajosa ‘, we recommend to then listen to “El Envidioso” because it’s like the sequel. “

And after: “We will continue to work hard and write. We really hope this pandemic passes so that we can play in the United States soon. We haven’t had the opportunity to play there yet. Our hopes are to become one. norteño group that transcends generations, such as Los Invasores de Nuevo León and Los Cadetes de Linares. “

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