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Junior H interview: Latino artist on the rise

At 14, Junior learned to record music in a studio and gave up a few hip-hop songs until he was 15. After three years of learning and practicing the art of music, Junior had to start from scratch when his family moved to Utah. .

“I learned to play the guitar on my own by watching videos on YouTube. To this day, I don’t know the musical notes but I know all the chords, ”he admits.

Junior remembers that the first time he went viral was with his song “No Eh Cambiado” (I haven’t changed) on YouTube. He was a 17-year-old high school student who worked in a sandwich shop. “In two months, the video reached two million views,” he says, adding that thanks to his viral clip, he was discovered by his now manager Jimmy Humilde. “I went to Los Angeles, where I live now, and we talked. Thank God I was able to release my first album, Atrapado In Un Sueño, under the Rancho Humilde label.

The seven-song production, released on March 26, highlights Junior’s promising proposition on the regional Mexican scene with his contagious tumbao corridos on ambition, optimism, street life, toxic relationships, and more. .

In this dreamlike 27-minute journey, tuba, percussion, and guitar come out to play in every track – but it’s the spellbinding requintos, as we hear them in the opening title song and “Dicen”, that really steal the game. star.

On the Billboard graphics, Atrapado In Un Sueño debuted at No.5 on the April 11 Best Latin Albums chart, becoming her first first in the top five and the first entry on any Billboard consumption table. It’s just Regional Mexican’s second album to debut in the top 10 this year. Atrapado In Un Sueño Also comes in at # 2 on the Regional Mexican Albums chart.

Junior’s passion for the regional urban scene was born from his musical career. “It never existed on the Mexican regional scene. It was a whole new movement and it caught my attention, ”he says.

Although he’s only eighteen, Junior says his biggest inspiration comes from his life experiences. “I’ve been through tough challenges that kids my age shouldn’t go through, but they have helped me to mature,” he says. “I create music with the heart.”

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Name: Antonio Herrera Perez aka Junior H.

“Fun fact, I have my dad’s name, which is why I’m the junior. I decided to call myself Junior H because if my songs didn’t become a hit people wouldn’t link me to them. But now it’s just stuck.

Age: 18

Major achievement: “Be on the Billboard graphics. I don’t know what I was doing when I heard the news but I was already in quarantine when my team told me. I am very happy to know that all my hard work is paying off. I would also say my two albums, Mi Vida in a Cigarro and Atrapado in a Sueño. I never thought my songs would become a hit.

Recommended song: “‘Dicen’ – I wrote this song for my friend in Mexico. His life is very similar to mine and we went through some tough times together. I wrote this song with all my heart.

And after: “My manager always takes care of us. Before my forties, he helped me set up a mini-studio in my house. I was locked out with one of my producers and we created new music during that time. Even though we are at home, we don’t waste time and work more than ever.

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