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Keyz Da Mogul, Latin Artist and Producer, International Nova and Music Partner, Teams Up with Ne-Yo for New Season of “Step Up”

Fans of the ‘Step Up’ show will get all sorts of rewards for their patience: a thrilling third series of the hit drama featuring the ambitious students of High Water Performing Arts School, an elite training program for teenage dancers talented.

The show premiered in 2018, returned for season 2 a year later, and then was canceled. Although STARZ has announced plans to bring Season 3 back in 2020, various production delays and the global COVID pandemic have kept things from airing until this fall.

Along with amazing new episodes, the show features a new theme song created by Ne-Yo, who plays Sage, the school principal.

To find the right sound and the perfect lyrics, he worked closely with international artist Nova, as well as his partner Keyz Da Mogul, a notable producer.

They actually started working on the new piece last year, but have had to keep most of the details under wraps until now, except for assuring everyone that “it’s going to be epic.”

Now that the show has launched, more and more “Step Up” fans want more information about the hit song and the talented artists behind it.

This includes International Nova, who grew up in the Bronx neighborhood of New York. He then moved to Atlanta to pursue his career as an actor and musician. Nova recently sat down with AllHipHop to share his thoughts on “Step Up” and other interesting parts of his music career.

AllHipHop: How was it for you and Keyz Da Mogul to have this great opportunity to work with Ne-Yo?

International News: First I want to say that Ne-Yo is a genius and a really cool, down to earth guy. This process was insane because we had a lack of time to get the mix and the song right. Keyz and I worked tirelessly on about 10 different versions over 24 hours, until we found the one that best fit the theme of the show. We look forward to working with Ne-Yo and his team on many more projects.

AllHipHop: Tell us about your music production group.

International News: A few years ago, we created our company, which we called “The Society”. It’s all about hard work and collaborating with the artists. It’s amazing, we’ve really had the chance to write and produce music for some of the biggest artists here. We are building our legacy brick by brick and plan to grow into a full-scale music production group covering all aspects of entertainment.

AllHipHop: As a solo artist, if you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

International News: I’m going to have to pick someone to work with in hip hop, Latin, and R&B. So a total of three! Artists I have to play with include Rihanna for R&B, Becky G for Latin, and Drake for hip-hop.

AllHipHop: You get a lot of love for your latest singles. What inspired “Pa Mi” and “Dime”?

International News: I wanted to create a fun song that people of all ages can rock too, and working with Vanessa Bling on “Dime” was like a dream come true. She was really a big supporter of this album and I plan to do a music video with her. I know the chemistry is going to be fire.

AllHipHop: What is the next step for International Nova?

International News: I have a few projects coming out that me and Keyz are working on. Also, I plan to release an EP before the end of the year. I want to thank my supporters for always believing in me. I promise to never change and always put my fans first.

To keep up with International Nova, follow him on social media @interntionalnova. For more on Step Up, check out the Season 3 trailer: