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Latin Artist Katiria Gains Popularity Among Teens With New Single “Down My Walls”

Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Katiri combines his passion for sweet melodies with the obsession for serious romance in his new single “Down my walls”.

The future Latin singer Katiri becomes the new sensation of the pop kingdom with a brand new hit single “Down my walls”. She was already famous among the teenage world for her steamy romantic stories accumulated in her songs; now she’s competing with popular Latin female artists for the adult label of an international artist. Following the trends of Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, Shakira and other internationally renowned artists, she offers the banger with the best mix of Latin verses and English choruses. She’s a versatile Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who expresses her struggle against a breakup in this song.

Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Katiri is breaking through because she just released her biggest hit yet, “Down my walls”. The song is available on Spotify while the music video is streamed on YouTube. She wants to reach her fans when the pain gets unbearable, at a time when she hits rock bottom and becomes a hopeless romantic. The breathtaking chorus with a moving quality of breathtaking vocals leads us to an enveloping soundscape. She exudes a sense of intimacy from warm melodies which she mixes with confident Latin lyrics. Follow her on Spotify, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook for more music.

Listen to his song on Spotify:

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