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Latin artist on the rise: Elena Rose

Her big breakthrough as a songwriter came after Becky G recorded her song “Dollar”, which peaked at No. 27 on BillboardHot Latin Songs (table dated November 1, 2019). “After writing ‘Dollar’ for Becky G it fundamentally changed my whole life. Now I was considered a distinguished Latin songwriter, which has never been very common in the industry.”

She wrote “Dollar” at a writing camp hosted by Sony Music Latin two years ago and has since continued to write songs for Becky, most recently “My Man”, and is credited on the remix “Tattoo” d. ‘Alejandro and Camilo. “Writing for others taught me to write for myself. I saw these artists open their hearts to me, a complete stranger, and that’s when I knew I had to learn more about myself. . “

And that’s exactly what she does, now focusing on her career as an artist and making her debut with three uplifting songs “Sandunga”, “Fenomenal” and “La Ducha” which bring her calming voice to the fore. Being in the spotlight comes with a lot of pressure, however. “There is something beautiful about the comfort zone you are given when you write songs for artists,” she explained. “It took a while to feel safe and confident as a singer. But now there is also a beautiful freedom that comes with a responsibility.”

As one of the few female composers in the Latin music industry, Rose recognizes her responsibility to challenge other male songwriters who write explicit and misogynistic lyrics. Especially in the urban kind.

“I’ve been in rooms that I literally walked in and said, ‘What do you have for Becky? “and that’s the most disrespectful thing and because they’re men they don’t see it that way,” she said. “What I love is that now I can be in a room and be the voice of the women who can’t be in the room and say, ‘honestly, we would hate to listen to that.’ It’s just being real. But as a woman I also want to curse and say sh — how men would say it because why can’t I? If this is a real song and as long as we respect each other, I wanna be a part of it urban or not. “

Learn more about this week’s Latin artist on the rise below.

Name: Andrea Elena Mangiamarchi Hernández

Age: 25

Major achievement: “I was recently able to buy a house for my mom in Miami. That’s where we live and now we have a beautiful house where I live with my mom and sisters. I’m proud of it.”

Recommended song: “La Ducha! This is the first time that I have laid bare my soul in this way. It’s about loving yourself, kissing and shining with your own light. This is really me.

And after: “I’ll be releasing new singles the rest of the year. They are very different from each other but I will continue to bar myself from the point of view of soul, music so that people get to know me a little bit more, my different sounds and perspectives. I’m excited! ”Elena Rose will also be part of Lollapalooza’s four-night virtual festival, performing on August 2nd.

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