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Latin artist on the rise: Eslabon Armado

The name Eslabon Armado (“a united chain”) was given to them by Pedro and Brian’s father, which inspired Tovar to start writing in the first place.

“My dad was helping this band when we lived in the Bay Area,” says Pedro. “He started to listen sierreña music [popular in the northern states of Mexico], and that’s where my passion for music started. He wrote songs, not professionally, and I started writing too. I was, like, 10 years old. “

Pedro describes their sound as traditional sierreña music, highly dependent on the unique talents of each. “Our sound is nothing fancy,” he says. “We do what we know how to do and what feels right to us. That’s what identifies us.”

Eslabon Armado also got his first entry on any Billboard’s Table of Hot Latin Songs with “Con Tus Besos”. The track peaked at # 21 on the Hot Latin Songs chart and # 16 on the Latin Streaming Songs chart on April 25.

“I started to write romantic (romantic songs) after watching tons of romantic movies, ”says Pedro.“ But this song [‘Con Tus Besos’] more precisely, is the last song on the album because I didn’t like it. I made a lot of mistakes on this one when we were recording the album and I wasn’t going to add it. But then my mom convinced me to include it, and I didn’t expect this song to work so well. “

Learn more from Pedro about this week’s Latin artist on the climb below.

Names): Pedro Tovar, Brian Tovar and Gabriel Hidalgo

Age: Pedro (17), Brian (16) and Gabriel (18)

Major achievement: So that our music reaches audiences beyond the United States and Mexico. The other day I was doing a live on social media and people from Colombia, Venezuela and Central America were logging in saying they were listening to our music.

Recommended song: “Con Tus Besos” – it’s a song that you can dedicate to a loved one or listen to if your heart is broken. And it’s a song that everyone can enjoy. It’s not like a vulgar song or anything like that.

And after: We are going to record a mini album with other artists from DEL Records. Also, next week I want to start working on a new album. This time it will be recorded in a studio and a well done album. Hoping to be able to get out at the end of July.

Reporting by Jessica Roiz.

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