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Pitizion had a promising 2020 ahead of her which included a music video with Greeicy and a tour with Alejandro Sanz as the opening act. But despite the current health crisis putting plans on hiatus, the emerging artist of Colombian descent has continued to create music and make her name known.

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Born in the Llanos region, Pitizion (real name: María del Pilar Pérez) rose to prominence with her acting career, making her debut on the popular Nickelodeon Latinoamérica 2011 show. Grachi. About three years ago, she decided to share her musical talent on social media because her “music never left her room”.

“My passion for music comes from the death of my father when I was a child,” says the artist now based in Miami. Billboard. “I didn’t know how to express my feelings and my way of doing it was by writing lyrics and singing for him.”

Pitizion was eventually discovered by record producer Andres Saavedra, who not only believed in her project, but also took her music to Universal Music Latin, where she officially signed in early 2019.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen this dream come true. I never imagined signing with a record company. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I didn’t have a lot of vision back then, ”she admits. “It has incredibly and completely changed my life. The best part is to say that Universal and Andres taught me to dream and to believe in myself.

Since joining the Universal family, Pitizion has released her first single “Ella” on July 5, 2019, released an eight track EP dubbed La Piti, and landed collaborations with artists such as Greeicy (“No Pasa Nada”) and Rafa Pabon and Big Soto for the remix of “Ella”.

Although she doesn’t like being locked into a genre, Piti describes herself as a modern singer-songwriter with pop-urban melodies and hints of rap. Its stimulating and witty lyrics and bohemian and global fusions are mainly influenced by artists such as Cuban rappers Los Aldeanos, Puerto Rican rapper Rene “Residente” Perez, Spanish artist Bebe and Colombian stars of vallenato. “I took a bit of what I heard in life and created my own version,” she concludes.

She is currently doing the rounds with her single “Tú”, which sends a powerful message about self-love and diversity. Learn more about this week’s Latin artist on the rise below.

Last name: Maria del Pilar Perez. “My mother always called me ‘Piti’,” she says of her artist name. “When I was 19 a man named Papa Zion made me dreadlocks. Jokingly he blessed them with ‘Pitizion’ and it just stuck from there.

Age: 28

Major achievement: “Sign with a label that supports my career. Releasing my first EP was also very magical – seeing your dreams, endless nights, happiness and disappointments come to life. There are a lot of stories behind this EP which become something special and a great accomplishment for me.

Recommended song: “‘You.’ The message is very broad. I originally wrote the song for my boyfriend because of its simplicity and its essence captivated me. I consider myself a very spiritual girl. I am normal. I do mistakes. I analyze my life. There are people who are beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. Unfortunately, this is what society sells to us. This song is for everyone and can to be dedicated to your mother, a friend, to yourself! It is a reminder not to forget that we are unique.

And after? Piti had many projects planned for 2020, but despite the global pandemic, she is working harder than ever. “I didn’t stop! I will continue to release music this year and hope to release my first album.