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Duki’s writing process is straightforward. “I only need a microphone,” says the Argentinian rapper. “I start to improvise and from there I start to build. But I write in my head while I freestyle.

A self-description melómano (music lover) who grew up listening to Luis Miguel and the Beatles, the 24-year-old artist, who last year won a Latin Grammy for “Hablamos Mañana” with Bad Bunny and Pablo Chill-E, began his freestyle career on the streets of Argentina, which would ultimately lead him to stand out in the country’s rap competition El Quinto Escalon. It was then that he knew he could make a living from music.

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“I was about 17 when I realized this was my way of connecting with the world. And this music is what I liked the most. I found a space where I wanted to flourish.

In 2016, he released his first single “No Vendo Trap” which, like most of his YouTube videos, garnered millions of views. Subsequently, he released “She Don’t Give a Fo” and “Hello Cotto”. But it was his feature film on Khea’s “Loca Remix” with Bunny and Cazzu that earned him his first appearance on Billboard‘s Hot Latin Songs. It peaked at number 45 in the June 23 rankings. To date, its catalog has generated nearly 50 million on-demand audio streams in the United States.

“I’m not one to look at charts,” says Duki, who says he will collaborate with artists whose craft he admires. “But if that happens, it’s always a good thing. What really motivates me is what a song can do for me or for someone else. It’s gratifying to know that I showed something different in a song that my fans enjoyed. What is important is knowing that someone liked, understood and supported one of my songs.

Although he does not have a recording contract, his booking manager is Federico Lauría, who guided the artist after meeting him in 2017 and led him to headlining the Buenos Aires festival. Trap with Bad Bunny and a sold-out show at Luna Park, one of the most important sites in Argentina.

“Duki was a phenomenon on the streets and we immediately knew we wanted to work with him,” Lauría said previously. Billboard. “He’s the biggest Argentine trap performer.”

Thursday April 22, Duki released his new album Desde El Fin Del Mundo with collaborations with Khea, Farina and YSY A. “The biggest difference in this album is that I’m more mature and more professional,” he says. “But I’m happy with the end result. You can listen to his new album here.

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Name: Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo

Age: 24

Major achievement: “To have been able to do something with the tools my parents gave me. And now I can give back and support them. I reached them all with their support.

Recommended song: “‘Piensa En Mí’, which isn’t even a song of mine, it’s Sticky MA and I’m on it but I love this song. It’s completely different from my first repertoire. And I love them. words and the message behind them.

And after: “I’m going to keep recording more music, but this time I’m going to do more reggaeton and dancehall tracks, just more dance music. “