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Latino artist Ozuna joins forces with XSET

Organization of lifestyle games XSET announced a partnership with the multiple award-winning Puerto Rican singer / songwriter Ozuna.

The partnership sees Ozuna become a managing partner of the organization, making him the first-ever Latin artist esports team owner.

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Ozuna and XSET will embark on several important business initiatives, not only for game and content creation, but also for commodity drops and currently popular blockchain NFTs.

According to the statement, the partnership is due to XSET’s commitment to diversity and fairness in games and business. This includes elevating the representation of communities of color, women and players who have “their own style and boast”.

Greg Selkoe, CEO and Co-Founder of XSET commented, “When we first started talking to Ozuna and his team, I was blown away by their incredible, multi-pronged business approach.

“Beyond Ozuna’s incredible musical talent, his vitality, lifelong exuberance and desire to bring his love of playing to global Latin culture make him the ideal embodiment of XSET’s philosophy. “

XSET also cited that Ozuna’s musical talent and cinematic work, entrepreneurial instinct, creativity and take on the game’s lifestyle were some of the main factors in the artist’s decision to partner with the organization.

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Ozuna commented on his new adventure with XSET: “I have always loved the game and with the global explosion of gaming culture it was important for me to be one of the early players – both from a point of view on property and on the talent side.

“The mix of music and games is only going to get bigger and with XSET I’m happy to lead the way.”

Since its breakthrough in 2016, Ozuna has developed a global following of more than 43 million fans on its social networks. He has collaborated with artists such as Selena Gomez, Post Malone, Jennifer Lopez and Snoop Dogg.

Edgar Andino, Director of Ozuna added, “Informing the partnership as a whole will be that Ozuna will leverage its unique expertise in the market as he and XSET expand and develop esports in Latin America in the United States.

“Once again, XSET continues to live up to its reputation as the fastest growing gaming organization in history, and this partnership will undoubtedly accelerate the pace of that growth exponentially.”

Esports Insider Says: This is a huge deal for XSET as the partnership could make huge waves in the Latin American market for the organization. Ozuna is also a very popular artist around the world, so this is a huge hit for XSET. Looking at the planned activations, the organization will undoubtedly use its new partner as a way to strengthen and expand its fan base.

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