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Luis Vazquez: a booming Latino artist

“All my life I have dreamed of growing up as a singer, so when I had the opportunity to switch to salsa as a soloist, my parents and I agreed it was for the best,” he said. “It’s a new world for me but I want to keep growing and experimenting.”

Since the fall Comienzos, he had followed the Billboard charts, checking every night before bed to see if any of her songs made it onto the charts. “When I saw that ‘Tu Fan’ had reached number 3, I thought it was already huge and I was proud. But earlier this week my phone started to explode one morning and when I I checked my whole family and my team had messaged me saying we were # 1. My heart was full and I started to cry. This is a major achievement. “

Vázquez, who enjoys spending time with his family in his spare time, is one of the few young salseros of this generation who are making waves in the industry. With reggaeton and trap still among the most popular genres to this day, Vázquez believes young artists are prone to what is popular.

“Because they’re caught up in the trends, they don’t see other genres like salsa. That’s one of the main reasons we decided to go this route. And I know I’m not the one. alone, but there aren’t many us. We want to see more young artists singing salsa. We hope my story serves as an inspiration for future artists. “

See you this week Billboard Latin artist on the rise below:

Name: Luis Vázquez

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