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Born in Monterrey and raised in San Luis Potosi, Gera MX says his upbringing is what shaped his career as one of Mexico’s most high-profile rappers today.

“I come from a dangerous neighborhood which made it easier for me for my lyrics,” he said. Billboard. “I had so much to share, nothing was invented. I just wrote down my feelings [on] paper.”

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Gera MX discovered his love for music at a very young age, but it was his attraction to artists such as Molotov, Control Machete and King Lil G that sparked his interest in hip-hop.

“I like their songs because they express what they feel without fear of anything,” he says. “I started writing when I was 13 and I never let go.”

Finding her sound was also an easy process for Gera, who always had the vision of being the new rapper who could fit into every song. “My ideology was to create phrases that people want to tattoo on themselves. My style had to be unique and resemble all the artists who influenced me, ”he adds.

With a trajectory that spans almost 10 years, Gera remembers that the first time he went viral was in 2014 with his song “Suelo Soñar y Tropezarme”, which put his music on the map shameless and true. It was the first time that people sang one of his songs at a concert, he says.

Now the 26-year-old rapper is taking the tour with his “Botella Tras Botella” assisted by Christian Nodal, which was released on April 23 via Virgin Music México. Leaving their two genres, the breakup song, produced by Erick Gutierrez Cervantes and Edgar Barrera, is an acoustic ranchera tinged with country with hip-hop beats.

It has become a phenomenon.

“Botella Tras Botella”, which was born during a carne asada hang out in the middle of the pandemic, makes history on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as the first Mexican regional title to enter the list in its nearly 63-year history. Additionally, the song also debuts at # 3 on Hot Latin Songs and in the top 10 on both global charts: # 4 on Billboard Global excl. US and n ° 9 on Billboard World 200.

“Christian and I live in the same residential area and one day he rode my bike to hang out. I still can’t believe that Nodal, this great artist that everyone knows, comes to my place by bike. It was then that I knew he was part of the raza“Says Gera.” He was playing the melody on the guitar and I just knew it was the song. We went into the studio, turned our feelings into lyrics, and here he was. We weren’t even looking for him, “continues -he.

As for the song’s massive success on social media and digital platforms, Gera owes it to genuine friendship and heart.

“This song didn’t have a marketing strategy or a plan. He has a soul, ”he says. “I wrote it thinking of someone very important to me and people can tell it hurt me a lot. I can’t think of any other explanation and it’s beautiful. You don’t just show your artistic side, but also your human side.

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Name: Gerardo Daniel Torres Montante

Age: 26

Recommended song: “Botella Tras Botella” – Gera MX, Christian Nodal

Key Achievements: “Everything that happens with this song!… For Mexican rap, it’s very difficult to get into the Billboard graphics because of our tone and sound. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is something good that happens to two friends in Mexico. It nourishes your soul and makes you believe in yourself 1000% more. ‘Botella Tras Botella’ will go down in history. That, and also, to be able to have my mother, my grandparents and my sister stable, without anything to fear. “

And after: “Make good decisions for my career. Be smart, stay with my team, release more music, do live shows. In fact, we announced a gig in Monterrey and it sold out in 15 minutes. I’m just enjoying this moment. I worked hard for 10 years, it was a difficult but wonderful career and I think I finally found what I needed to be able to breathe. Now I will redouble my efforts to take it to the next level.