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Venezuelan singer-songwriter and rapper Micro TDH presents today (December 9) his second studio album titled Nueve. The set of 14 titles, which comes four years later Ineffable, is his debut album under Warner Music Latina.

“There is music for all kinds of people, for all kinds of tastes,” says Micro. Billboard. “An album made with a lot of sweat, a lot of effort and a lot of blood.” But above all, he says, the whole “contemplates all the facets of Micro TDH and preserves the essence of the beginning and also my sound today”.

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The December 9 release date is fitting as Micro, who has studied numerology for many years, claims that number nine is representative of his career and ideology. “You are starting to understand that numbers are also spiritual,” he says. “Nine goes with the word Micro TDH, and my mission as an artist and public figure.”

Born in Merida, located in the Andes mountains of northwestern Venezuela, Micro comes from a humble town where the locals work hard and with little meanness. He explains that even though there was no music industry in his hometown, there was a big rap movement.

“I started making music at a young age. I was 12 when I knew I wanted to be a rapper, “he notes.” I started doing freestyle battles in Merida, then traveled all over the country. time, I seized all the resources I could to make myself known and little by little, I created my fan base.

His very first single, titled “Humildemente,” was released in August 2012. Five years later he released “Cafuné,” which he said put his musical personality on the map – a savvy, passionate and moving rapper with avant-garde fusions supported by influences like Akapellah, The Beatles and Boyz II Men.

In 2018, he signed a recording contract with Ovy on the independent label Drums Big Ligas – and this year he signed an exclusive recording contract with Warner Music Latina, which will further develop his musical career.

Micro’s revolutionary success came three years ago, with the “Te Vi” assisted by Piso 21, which earned it its first Billboard entry, culminating at # 28 on the Hot Latin Songs chart (dated May 11, 2019). He has also been featured on the Latin Airplay and Latin Rhythm Airplay charts. Now he collaborates with artists such as Yandel, Myke Towers and Pablo Alborán, all of whom are part of his new album, Nueve.

“Sometimes I don’t treat her because where I’m from, that opportunity never existed… it was very impossible,” he says. “It makes me feel good because it shows that my work is worth it and that great artists are looking in my direction. “

What word best describes his music and lyrical content? Micro says “versatile, because he is able to express something very cool in any genre”. “My music is not only to listen to, but also a refuge for this person who feels lonely,” he adds.

Below, meet this month’s Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise (and the latest of 2021):

Last name: Fernando Daniel Murillo Rivas alias Micro TDH

“Micro came to me because when I decided to enter the hip-hop world, I was always the smallest in the community. Micro is the abbreviation for microbe and TDH is a tribute to a music collective I belonged to called The Dog House. They were the first people who believed in me when I was a kid and where I recorded my first songs with organic elements.

Age: 22

Recommended song: “Cafuné.” According to Micro, it was the song that put him on the map and was his “cover letter” to the world.

Inasmuch as

Major achievement: “Having my family with me in the United States It was not easy to do all the paperwork from Venezuela. It has been a very difficult year and to finally have them with me is a great blessing. I don’t care about rewards, views or playlists. The most important thing is my family.

And after: “I want to go around the world, and especially to go to Latin America. I am very excited about this. Throughout the year, I will put on a special show. I will also do a lot of new music, create new projects and try to grow as a person. I think 2022 is looking pretty good, and many blessings will come with God’s favor. “