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Tiago PZK was six when he discovered his love for music, crediting Daddy Yankee and his 2007 “Impacto (Remix)” with Fergie for really igniting his desire to continue his career.

“He’s a pillar of who Tiago is today,” he says Billboard, while citing Justin Bieber as a major source of inspiration.

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Today, Yankee’s street music and Bieber’s pop essence is reflected in Tiago PZK’s diverse sound, which he says is limitless: “I’m not categorized into one genre. If I have to, I’ll do reggaeton, rock, dancehall and R&B.

The evidence so far supports the Argentine newcomer’s statement. He placed three songs on the Billboard Global 200 charts this year: the very heavy “Además de Mi” with Rusherking, Khea, Duki, Maria Becerra and LIT Killah; the catchy reggaetón jam “No Me Conocen” with Rei, Duki and Bandido; and the R&B fusion cup assisted by LIT Killah “Entre Nosotros”.

“These songs were a big step for my career and gave me a boost,” he notes.

However, the 20-year-old rapper and singer-songwriter says the first song that made him go viral in his native Argentina was his debut single “Andamo en la Cima”, which he released at the age of 15. years. “At that time, around 2016, there wasn’t a strong local scene in my country,” he explains. “So I released this trap song and it got great feedback.”

In September, Tiago signed a global publishing agreement with Sony Music Publishing US Latin. He collaborated with many of his colleagues and compatriots, such as Emilia Mernes and Maria Becerra. And, just this week he made his acting debut in the movie Cato, directed by Peta Rivero y Hornos.

“Giving thanks was the best advice I received,” he says. “When I started doing this every day before going to bed, good things started to happen in my life in general. Without having or having everything, you always have to be grateful. This is the key.

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Name: Tiago Uriel Lezcano, artistically known as Tiago PZK (named after his freestyle team in Argentina)

Age: 20

Recommended song: “Entre Nosotros”, with LIT Killah

Major achievement: “’Entre Nosotros’ is by far the most iconic song I have had so far,” he says. “Not only does it continue to top the charts in my country, but it has opened many doors for me as well. Many artists and producers are interested in collaborating with me. It hasn’t happened yet, but one day I would like to fill a stadium. “

And after: “I have the main role in Cato, a film about a boy who wants to succeed in music and help his family get out of the barrios, ”he explains. “I also have a collaboration with Trueno which will be released this month, which will be part of my first studio album scheduled for 2022. I think my career is having a good time.”