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Mora: a booming Latino artist

“When I saw my name on the [Billboard] graphics, I honestly thought it was Photoshop, ”said Mora Billboard. “I thought someone was playing with my feelings. It was weird because I never imagined it could happen, but it was motivation and it kind of confirmed that I was on the right track. . “

A brain behind Bunny’s top charts and records (YHLQMDLG and El Último Tour del Mundo), Mora started producing tracks in 2015 with her cousin who was a producer in Puerto Rico. “When I graduated from high school I was like, ‘What am I going to do with my life? “I went to college to study business administration, but two weeks later I was like, ‘This is not for me.'”

So he skipped classes during his first semester and went to his cousin’s to see him perform. Before launching his own singing career by dropping tracks on SoundCloud, he produced songs for local rappers such as Eladio Carrion and Jon Z.

In 2018, he released his hit song “Que Habilidad”, which caught the attention of Noah Assad, manager of Bunny and CEO of independent label Rimas Entertainment. “Some of Benito’s friends were huge fans of the songs and this song that led me to Noah. Rimas reached out and after a month I was signed.”

It was then that he began writing for Bad Bunny and other artists while working on Classes Day Starter on the side. “After YHLQMDLG was released that I thought, ‘OK, now I’m going to focus on my business.’ So I started recording my album about a year ago, and my vision was to create a set that would showcase my versatility. There is something for everyone out there. “

Learn more about this week’s Latin artist on the climb below:

Name: Gabriel Mora Quintero

Major achievement: “I would say being able to survive doing what I love most and that through music I can help my family. It is important to me. I do what I love instead of doing something I love. regret, like sitting in an office for 12 hours doing something that wouldn’t satisfy me. “

Recommended song: “It’s hard to pick just one song. If I pick just one, I would be lying to you. If I can, I suggest fans listen to the entire album. Classes Day Starter because each song has its own identity. “

And after: “I’m a person who takes it day to day. And even more so now with the pandemic because you don’t know what can happen. If it was up to me, I’d go around the world and serenade to my fans. For now, I’m going to keep making music. I released my album on a Friday, and on Sunday I was back in the studio. I’m the kind of person who never stops no. I can’t stop. “

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